Wednesday, September 2, 2009


UNITED STATES CIA SCANDAL! Cheney and Spooks plotted killing al-Qaeda bigwigs. INVESTIGATE, DEMOCRATS DEMAND, although the strategy never took off. COVER for Pelosi’s unproven allegations of CIA lying? BAGGED HIM! DEA drag FARC bigwig here to stand trial after Colombia extradites him.


UNITED KINGDOM WAR IN AFGHANISTAN opposition intensifies as British casualties mount. Gordon Brown’s Labor government defends charges of helicopter and ground vehicle shortages resulting from defense budget cuts when Brown was Chancellor of Exchequer.


HONDURAS ON THE BRINK OF CIVIL WAR after the military overthrew Chavez’ buddy Zelaya, who was trying unilaterally to amend the constitution and grab power indefinitely.


INDONESIA JEMAAH ISLAMIYAH STRIKES AGAIN, blowing up two hotels, and then bombing a car at a fish market, killing at least 10 and injuring over 50.


AUSTRALIA CHICOMS ARREST AUSSIE EXECS for “spying.” Australian iron ore mining conglomerate Rio Tinto refused offer of buyout and other deals in China. Is this precedent for foreign execs?


BURMA EXTEND BAN ON BURMESE PRODUCTS urges a U.S. industry group. Ulterior motives for cutting competition? If so, other U.S. industries should seek protection. SUU KYI still jailed after UN Secretary General visit fails.


INDIA NO CLAMP DOWN ON TERRORISTS, no peace talks. Lone terrorist survivor of Mumbai massacre that killed 166 was a Pakistani. Even if perp’s confession was coerced, plenty of facts point to plot having been hatched in both countries. MANHUNT FOR MAOIST THUGS who attacked police convoy, snatching 13 and killing 26, including police chief, heats up.


PAKISTAN COURT TOSSES SHARIF CONVICTION for hijacking, allowing former big time crook PM to rerun for office. REFUGEES RETURN to Swat Valley after Pakistani offensive against Taliban. MULTIPLE PREDATOR STRIKES target bad guys.


THAILAND PARDON THAKSIN, demand supporters of the deposed PM.


SOMALIA PIRATES STRIKE AGAIN! Indian dhow seized, then used to attack oil tanker. TWO FRENCH TROOPS captured while undercover. SEVEN CIVILIANS BEHEADED by al-Shabab. ASSASSINATION OF POLICE CHIEF, TWO OFFICIALS, 25 others by car bomb. CHOPPING OFF ARMS AND LEGS of four teens convicted of stealing stayed after international outrage.


RUSSIA GOOD GUYS OR ASSASSINS, COURAGE OR COWARDICE? Private yachts with machine guns, rocket and grenade launchers offer pirate-hunting cruises for rich, bored Russians. A few bucks more, the adrenalin seekers, guarded by special operation forces vets, get AK-47 assault rifle for a mere total $6620 a day. PIRATE HUNTERS bait targets on Somali coast and cut loose, Wirtschaftsblatt reports. (RKB debunks the report) JOURNALIST ASSASSINATIONS CONTINUE. Natalia Estemirova found at Chechen border with two shots to the head.




COLOMBIA TWELVE YEARS IN THE POKEY for building or using semi-submersible boats that smuggle up to $200 million drug stashes. “COFFIN SUBS” take four greedy maniac traffickers willing to risk their lives, sink the ship and jump if spotted.


HOLLAND SADAAM MUSTARD GAS SOURCE in the 1980s, Dutchman Frans van Anraat sentenced to 16 years in the slammer.


BELGIUM DÉJÀ VU—European Commission, U.S. plan Chemical, Biological, Radiological, and Nuclear (CBRN) security agreement. CLONING OF THE ECSC? Post WWII, European Continental powers established the European Coal and Steel Community to control Germany’s war making resources. Europe has not been at war since.


ISRAEL IRAN, YOU ARE HISTORY if you launch a nuclear attack, threaten Israelis, hands on the nuclear buttons. Beware, Israel does not make idle threats.


IRAQ U.S. FORCES WITHDRAW, SECTARIAN BOMBINGS escalate as future looks grim.


AFGHANISTAN OPERATION KHANJAR launched in Helmand Province by 4,000 Marines, 650 Afghanis. DEATH TOLL RISES, CHOPPER CRASH kills seven, 16 die in helicopter support mission, eight Brits killed in 24 hours, six contractors killed in helo crash in fighting lawless tribal drug lords, F-15 fighter crash kills two.


UGANDA FUGITIVE SUDANESE LEADER BASHIR’s visit quashed for fear of arresting after ICC

warrant was issued.



for genocide.


LIBYA DICTATOR QADDAFI, African Union (AU) Chairman, failed to ramrod his agenda through AU Summit when Africans rejected the strongman’s procedural shenanigans.


ALGERIA REVENGE ON CHICOMS!! China warns citizens of threats by African Islamic supporters angered by crackdown on Uighur Moslem brothers in China.


ZIMBABWE CONSTITUTIONAL CRISIS as tensions between MDC and ZANU-PF mount. OIL SHORTAGES result when state-owned oil company takes control.


ITALY ASYLUM SEEKERS RETURNED to Libya after being intercepted by Italian Navy.


NORTH KOREA DEAR LEADER DYING? DON’T BE STUPID, Secretary of Defense Gates tells North Korea regarding continued missile tests as U.S. squeezes funding for the defense budget.


ERITREA ON THE UN SANCTION LIST for supporting Somali insurgents.


IRAN AZERBAIJANI PRISONERS TORTURED. Association for Defense of Azerbaijani Political Prisoners in Iran (ADAPP) has forwarded the shocking list of atrocities to SOF.


CHINA CRACKDOWN ON ISLAMIC UIGHURS kills 200, injures 1000. CHICOMS fear near-majority Uighurs in resource-rich Xinjiang province will break away.


GREECE NATIONAL INTELLIGENCE SERVICE gets new chief after 35 years—the judge who presided over the most terrorist cases. High alert announced since December 2008, when terror attacks spiked.


NIGERIA TARGET TRANS-SAHARAN PIPELINE, orders Movement for the Emancipation of the Niger Delta. Attacks on oil workers and pipelines kill five.


MEXICO DRUG WAR RAGES, BARBARIC mafiosos brutally torture 12 military officials to death.


VENEZUELA I’LL INVADE HONDURAS to restore Zelaya to power, blowhard dictator Chavez threatens. THIRD-LARGEST BANK nationalized by money-grubbing dictator.


MAURITANIA COUP LEADER AZIZ claims he “won” election a year after he led the military overthrow of the properly elected government. Opposition calls election “charade.”


SOUTH AFRICA GET LOST, Inkatha Freedom Party tells President Zuma in response to merger offer with ruling party ANC.


GHANA SHUT DOWN GUN INDUSTRY, crime-fighting leaders tell blacksmiths in the land of 75,000 homegrown guns. Shut down crime, don’t blame us, we simply make a living, blacksmiths fire back.


OMAN BIG BUST ON “HASH HIGHWAY.” U.S. /U.K coalition naval forces net biggest seizure this year—10 tons of narcotics headed to fund terrorists.

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