Wednesday, September 30, 2009


UNITED STATES CIA OPERATIVES’ COVER BLOWN! Defense attorneys for terrorists held at Gitmo showed photos taken by ACLU to their clients. POWER DRILLS AND GUNS brandished to get high-value al-Qaeda detainees to talk. Details of CIA program being released after ACLU fight. WITCH-HUNT ON? Attorney General launches investigation into CIA interrogations.

BURMA AMERICAN FREED from captivity. His crime? Visiting Daw Aung San Suu Kyi, imprisoned opposition leader. NO NUKES FOR US, junta claims.

SRI LANKA LTTE IN THE FOLD? Government offers finances and releases from the refugee camp in exchange for info on weapon arsenals, minefields after chiefs are captured.

INDIA FRAGMENTATION OR FEDERATION? Chinese strategist calls for dividing the federation into 20-30 independent states with the help of Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal and Bhutan. ( HOTBED FOR MILITANCY as dozens of insurgencies and separatist movements rage. Only force is keeping them together. Asian Tribune

NORTH KOREA HEROES OR FOOLS? ANGER FLARES AT U.S. JOURNALISTS FREED after former Pres. Bill Clinton’s visit. Self serving reporters jeopardized public for a scoop, hot story. Confiscated footage they had of sensitive information about refugees jeopardized refugees, BBC World reports.



BRAZIL PSYCHO TV SHOW HOST CREATES A CRIME SCENE for his crime show, and gets rid of rivals at same time. Not so clever maniac TV host ordered nine executions. His mistake—his camera crew were always first on the scene. BBC OFFSHORE DRILLING FUNDED by U.S. Export–Import Bank. Obama nixes such drilling in the U.S. WE GOTTA TALK about U.S. bases in Colombia, Brazilian President says.

CONGO RWANDAN GENOCIDE THUG Ndahimana, hiding out with the Democratic Forces for the Liberation of Rwanda, arrested by military. IRAQ MASSIVE CAR BOMBS kill over 95.

PAKISTAN GOT HIM! Baitullah Mehsud dead after a CIA Predator strike as Pakistani Taliban appoint a replacement. PAKISTAN NUKE SITES ATTACKED three times, Times of India reports.

AUSTRALIA TERROR ATTACKS PLOTTED by four Lebanese Somalis attached to Somali-based terror group Al Shebab. Suicide attack using semi-automatic weapons planned in Sidney by the same group that is trying to overthrow government in Mogadishu.

MEXICO DRUG LORDS INDICTED by United States. PRISON RIOT leaves 19 dead. “THE TRUCK,” leader of the La Familia gang, who moves ½ ton of meth into the U.S. monthly arrested. ANTI-DRUG FUNDS from U.S. to continue. DRUG GANG WHACKS politician in Guerrero state.

CANADA DON’T MESS WITH ARCTIC TERRITORIES. 700 naval and air troops training in Nanuvet flex their muscles.

LIBYA LOCKERBIE BOMBER gets hero’s welcome. The hysterical media didn’t help much by turning him into an international phenomenon. I attended the trial in which he was convicted in Camp Zeist, where no death sentence was allowed. Perhaps his current cancer death sentence is more brutal.

VENEZUELA ARMS, OIL DEALS DISCUSSED in Russia. CHAVEZ PULLS AMBASSADOR to Colombia when Colombia accused Chavez of equipping the FARC with weapons.

COLOMBIA DEFENSE COOPERATION would give U.S. bases for counter-narcotics missions. DRUG LORD MONTOYA pleads guilty in U.S. court.

ZIMBABWE MAJOR MUGABE OPPONENT assassinated in his own home.

MADAGASCAR RULING COUP CHIEF reaches deal for transitional government.

ERITREA COUGH UP $13 MILLION for 2000 border war, international commission tells Eritrea. ERITREA SUPPORTS AL-SHABAB, Ethiopia claims.

SUDAN UN PULLS RELIEF WORKERS after rebel attacks in the south. AGREEMENT TO BOLSTER PEACE had been signed two days prior to the UN’s decision to evacuate.

NIGERIA SENIOR MILITANT TAKES DEAL, turns over stockpile of weapons. ISLAMIC ACTIVIST DIES IN CUSTODY after capture in family’s goat pen. Public invited to see body. 600 killed in clashes between military and militant Islamic Boko Haram group. Hundreds of bodies dumped at police station. POLICE TORTURE hundreds.

AFGHANISTAN KILLER SUMMER Deaths total over 1000 by August for Coalition troops, 775 Americans. 1,013 civilians were killed in the first half of 2009. PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION HELD amidst Taliban brutality. VOTERS’ FINGERS AMPUTATED by Taliban fanatics.

IRAN DEFENSE MINISTER WANTED BY INTERPOL for involvement in 1994 Hezbollah attack on a Jewish center in Buenos Aries. DETAIN OPPOSITION LEADERS, influential hard-line cleric says.

TURKEY TALKS WITH KURDISH leader held to end 25-year conflict. PALESTINE SITUATION MIRRORED—doubtful resolution without promise of statehood to KURDS.

RUSSIA AUGUST 1939 DEAL WITH HITLER JUSTIFIED, claims Russian intelligence service as they declassify files. POLICE CONVOY ATTACKED, five officers killed in Chechnya.

MOLDOVA COMMIES OVERTHROWN in parliamentary elections after four months’ rule stolen in elections. Democracy may bring EU membership for the impoverished country.

SOMALIA TRUCE FOR RAMADAN proposed. REBEL FIGHTING KILLS 20 in Mogadishu. TOWNS RECAPTURED from al-Shabab militants.


HONDURAS ZELAYA FACES TRIAL for treason and abuse of power if he returns, Supreme Court says, citing attempt to hold illegal referendum to change constitution. CURFEW IMPOSED after clashes between students and cops. THIRD JOURNALIST SLAIN this year.

INDONESIA TWO SUSPECTS APPREHENDED for bombing two Jakarta hotels.

RWANDA REBEL SPOKESMAN RESIGNS, seeking presidency after blasting the president and leader of the Lord’s Resistance Army for egging war on.

ISRAEL YEAR OF THE CROOKS—Unlucky seven accused of big time tax scam on IRS. Perps stole prisoners’ IDs to receive refunds. 11 arrested for allegedly cheating aged Americans of 25 MIL in a telemarketing sting. OTHODOX LEADERS NABBED—44 suspects, including five Rabbis, three New Jersey mayors and two state legislators, were arrested in an FBI sting for extortion and political bribes. ORGAN SELLING, SCAM-kidneys for profit of up to $150,000.

FRANCE NO BURKINIS Muslim woman not allowed to swim in full body suit.

MAURITANIA MILITARY LEADER inaugurated after winning a disputed presidential election.

ANGOLA HOLD ELECTIONS, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton tells country as she signs agreement to increase funds for anti-AIDS efforts.

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